Retail Shops & Supermarkets

Create a safe, disinfected space for customers and employees.

UVC air purification and surface disinfection for retail shops and supermarkets. Perfect for all types of retail environments including Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, Retail Stores, Department Stores, and Specialty Stores. 


Safe shopping experiences for everyone


Improved customer confidence


Keeping staff healthy and able to work


UVC Disinfection Solutions


Safely designed and proven to kill airborne viruses like COVID-19

Our Products Solutions

Businesses have always been responsible for providing a safe environment for employees and customers, but in recent times, the need to create a space where the transmission of viruses is low has become more important than ever before. Retail stores and supermarkets can easily improve customers’ shopping experience by implementing safe and effective UVC air purification and disinfection technology to improve customer peace-of-mind and to keep them safe. Not only this, but implementing UVC disinfection technology can also protect employees from getting sick, hopefully resulting in fewer sick days.

Proven, highly effective UVC light disinfection technology that destroys 99% of airborne pathogens

The Science of UVC light disinfection

UVC light has been proven and used for over a century and its effectiveness in destroying airborne pathogens is well-known.

When pathogens are exposed to UVC light, their DNA and RNA start to become damaged and inactivated. When the damage becomes too extensive, DNA replication stops which causes the cell to die, effectively destroying the pathogen.

At UV Innovations, we utilise safe UVC technology in our disinfection devices by using shielded UVC and Far UVC which are safe to use in the presence of humans.

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