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Protect your employees and your business with powerful disinfection solutions.

UVC air purification and surface disinfection for workplaces. Perfect for all types of workplaces including Private Offices, Conference Rooms,  Factories, Warehouses, and Reception Desks.


Benefits employee health and peace of mind


Creates a safer workplace for efficient work


Cleaner, disinfected workspaces


UVC Disinfection Solutions


Safely designed and proven to kill airborne viruses like COVID-19

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The pandemic has forced offices and workplaces across the country to reevaluate their cleaning and disinfection protocols. While traditional cleaning methods are effective at removing dirt and debris, they may not be enough to effectively destroy viruses and bacteria. UVC disinfection technology offers a powerful solution for eliminating airborne pathogens in offices and workplaces. Prioritising employee health naturally leads to less sickness, greater productivity and higher staff morale. Keep your workplace safe and your employees healthy with UV Innovations UVC disinfection devices.

Proven, highly effective UVC light disinfection technology that destroys 99% of airborne pathogens

The Science of UVC light disinfection

UVC light has been proven and used for over a century and its effectiveness in destroying airborne pathogens is well-known.

When pathogens are exposed to UVC light, their DNA and RNA start to become damaged and inactivated. When the damage becomes too extensive, DNA replication stops which causes the cell to die, effectively destroying the pathogen.

At UV Innovations, we utilise safe UVC technology in our disinfection devices by using shielded UVC and Far UVC which are safe to use in the presence of humans.

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