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About UV Innovations

REMEMBER: Failing to prepare means preparing to fail. Join the fight with Light

Continually, we hear about the deaths, hospitalisations, and cases of Covid, Measles, Mumps, and Influenza, but never about possible solutions.
UV Innovations now offers an extensive range of infection reduction devices to New Zealand.
Let’s do something about it!!

UV Innovations was founded after seeing the massive uptake around the world of UVC as a cost effective safe protection against pathogens. The CES 2022 in Las Vegas was the springbroad to select what we believe to be some of the most innovative devices available. All units have been scientifically tested for effectiveness and safety.


UV Innovations is a company committed to bring into the market revolutionary and effective UVGI and FAR UV sanitizing products. All UV Innovation products are scientifically and safety tested.

All literature and website information is intended to provide the relevant available information on the benefits of UV and FAR UV products and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of professionals.

All UV Innovation products MUST be installed as per instructions and where necessary by licenced electricians UV Innovation products should be used in conjunction with recommended health procedures such as mask-wearing and hand washing.

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