LOD Protect Goes Global

Olivier Moyen, who runs Ilightyou lighting stores in Lyon, Paris, Nantes and Dubai as well as a factory in Nantes, had the idea last year to use his production tool to design and manufacture lighting disinfecting the air. Today, its market promises to be gigantic.

Its product, the Lod’Protect, is a luminaire that looks quite classic but has a second function. It sucks in air from one end, instantly disinfects it via a UVC LED and expels it out the other side. All in the presence of humans since the UV remains inside the device and therefore does not represent any danger.

The effectiveness of UVC to destroy germs is well known but, better than that, the Lod’Protect kept its promises during a test carried out at the P4 laboratory in Lyon which confirms that the device destroys 99 % of Sars-Cov2 viruses. in 20 minutes. “ The study will soon be published in Nature ”, assures Olivier Moyen, who now claims the position of “ Tesla of air disinfection, thanks to a simple and effective object and a very strong international growth rate ”.

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The factory is running at full speed

Lod’Protect were present in the locker rooms of some French teams at the Tokyo Olympics. The French football team has adopted it for its Clairefontaine center and on its travels. The Rennes stadium also has a cycling team. But the biggest market right now is in restaurants and businesses.

” We have a distributor in New Caledonia which, at the moment, sells thousands of parts and mobilizes our manufacturing capacity “, explains Olivier Moyen, who markets his product via distributors. It is currently delivering Lod’Protect for a fleet of 2,000 coaches.

Currently, most of the lights are assembled by people in ESAT in the West of France. The rise of the concept will lead Olivier Moyen to deploy in another way. ” Soon, other manufacturers will be able to manufacture products with our technology .” Because the market promises to be gigantic. Starting from scratch, the Lod’Proct could generate 50 million euros in sales in 2022 and ten times more the following year.


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