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South Grove Primary School in UK using Respiray

Education industry
We documented South Grove Primary School’s use of Respiray in their first 4 weeks. All teachers were given the opportunity to participate.

The Challenge

We asked the same 10 questions from teachers every week to see the users satisfaction and get the feedback. To get very objective results the questionnaire was anonymous.


Teachers felt that wearing Respiray made them feel safe. They especially loved that Respiray does not cover their faces like masks do. Survey shows that the users start to love the product more and more over time.

What did teachers think and say?

  • 60% of teachers prefer to wear Respiray instead of a mask all the time.
  • 40% of teachers wear Respiray depending on the situation.
  • 60% of teachers at the school noticed that their posture got better.
Teachers think that Respiray should be recommended to other teachers and office workers.

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