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Football: EURO 2021,
how are teams protected from Covid-19?

Public Places and Facilities
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Preparation of the French team for the Euro

A breakthrough innovation to protect players and staff from Covid.

The Clairefontaine Center is equipped with LOD, lamps which decontaminate the air in the presence of people.

A world first, a Lyon-based company is developing the solution that uses lighting to disinfect the air in enclosed places from viruses and bacteria. It is also the only solution to fight against airborne spread (95% in the case of covid-19) in the presence of people. It guarantees:

  • 99% disinfection of the air in one hour without any chemicals,
  • use in the presence of people,
  • deployment without any alteration or degradation of the air.

The subject of a double patent filed in 184 countries, this major innovation, called LOD, is all the more relevant in times of covid-19 and at a time when the government is now asking for a physical distance of 2 meters and officially recommends airing for at least 15 minutes several times a day.

29 LOD Air decontamination systems will be deployed across the site on May 25.

Proven technology

LOD for Light of Disinfection uses UV-C, so-called ultraviolet light rays (or black light).

Discovered in 1801, ultraviolet rays are subdivided into UV-A, UV-B and UV-C; the sterilizing action of UV-C rays (which are the most germicidal) on bacteria was proven in 1878.

UV-C rays have been used for more than 50 years in disinfection, among other things:

  • water in treatment plants to make it drinkable,
  • operating rooms and blocks, surgical tools
  • food products…

The LOD, a 100% French innovation

For the first time, lighting and air disinfection are combined by a system presenting no danger to humans and which makes it possible to disinfect a room with or without windows.

The LOD is presented as an SOS solution:

  • Secure: the air is stirred in the closed luminaire, there is no risk for individuals present nearby. LOD is developed according to the same principles as those used in water treatment: it subjects the air to a source of UV-C radiation by passing it through a closed tube.
    Here the system actively sucks in the ambient air, disinfects it in a tunnel armed with LODs, then expels it at the end of the journey:
    – without air oxidation or ozone release. The air is disinfected from viruses and bacteria without being denatured,
    – without the need for any chemicals.

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